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Thank you for your interest in St. Patrick's.

Welcome to our thriving community of students, faculty and staff, and parents, all engaged in the important work of preparing students to live with integrity, empathy, and purpose.

Every member of our community is committed to putting students at the center of our work, as imagined by our guiding philosophy, Exceptional Literacy. I encourage you to spend time on this website to learn more about St. Patrick's. 

I also invite you to call and arrange a visit. There is no better way to experience the combination of warmth and challenge that distinguishes this dynamic place.

Peter A. BarrettHead of School


Head's Library

Setting Compass and Other Thoughts on Education

Setting Compass
Two Decades of Teaching: My Thoughts on Change & Direction for St. Patrick's
A Personal Statement on Education, Values, & Guiding Principles For Our Work
The Larger Framework: Our Goal, Measuring Success & Values that Shape Our School
Building Exceptional Literacy: Our Basis for Character, Understanding, and Academic Excellence
The Architecture of Literacy
Measurements of Success : Those Goals Around Which We Should Organize Our Work, Our Thought, Our Life as a School Community
Fundamental Values: What We Believe to Be True of Children, We Should Stand For as a School