Strategic Plan

In 2016, the Board of Trustees concluded an inclusive and wide-ranging strategic planning effort. We embarked on this endeavor from a position of strength—a sound financial foundation, an endowment that has doubled over the past decade, and a strong and steady enrollment. Our research highlighted our unique strengths:

  • A dynamic Nursery to Grade 8 education that engages and challenges learners and keeps students at the center of the work;
  • An excellent and dedicated faculty and staff who are motivated to inspire, encourage, and support many different learners;
  • A strong and welcoming community built around the inclusive values of the Episcopal faith including love, service, and inclusion;
  • A top-tier academic program that prepares students for placement at premier secondary schools in Washington, D.C. and beyond and equips them to learn and thrive in these new environments;
  • Extraordinary engagement of volunteers and committed philanthropic supporters resulting in an engaged and dynamic community;
  • A strong financial position that includes a substantial endowment, significant assets, and a reserve that allows us to plan for unanticipated events and grow in the directions we value.

As we look forward to the next decade, we plan to build on this position of strength. We developed four pillars to guide St. Patrick's into this bright future. You will see our values in action with our plan to open a larger middle school campus designed for the adolescent learner in the fall of 2017 and our dedication to maintaining and expanding the racial and ethnic diversity of our student body.

Four Pillars of the Strategic Plan
  • First, and always, we will provide the best educational program possible. To offer the highest-quality program possible, we must pursue innovation in teaching and learning and examine the latest developments in educational thinking, pedagogy, and technology across all ages and grade levels.
  • Second, we will consolidate the Grades 6, 7, and 8 program under one roof, in a space specifically tailored to young adolescent learners and designed to enhance teaching and learning. And we will reimagine, plan, and create engaging new indoor and outdoor spaces on the Whitehaven Campus, reinforcing the commitment to play-based early childhood education and a superb educational experience across all grade levels.
  • Third, we will continue to work to attract a broadly diverse, enthusiastic, and engaged group of families, increasing racial and ethnic diversity throughout the community and particularly within the student body.
  • Finally, we will think beyond the traditional tuition-based business model for the future of St. Patrick’s. The Board has committed to explore innovative financial settings, relationships, and partnerships to undergird this superb educational product and protect it from a dependence on higher regular tuition increases.

(This description of the Four Pillars was excerpted from Board Chair Kai Reynolds' January 2017 message to the St. Patrick's community.)

Engaged student in a classroom