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Sustained Student Engagement means that, whatever the environment, whatever the circumstance, we are prepared to provide an exceptional education for your children, support their academic and social-emotional growth, and know and care for them across their time with us.

We work with determination to keep them engaged on all levels at all times.This concept is nested in our commitment to: 

Continuity and Depth of Learning

Continuity and Depth of Community

Continuity and Depth of Care


Views from our community 

Regardless of the environment—in person or remote—we pride ourselves on a high-touch program. Indeed, we have learned that genuine interest in and concern for a child can, and must, be conveyed and can be received through a variety of platforms.

In our Remote Learning Plan, teachers use their abundant skills and imagination to find new and effective ways to promote deep learning.


From the Viewpoint of a Teacher

A St. Patrick's Parent's Perspective



Learning Activities Snapshot

Check out a few of the activities we were busy with during our Remote Learning Experience



Thank you, St. Patrick’s, for creating and holding one of the most meaningful virtual chapels in all of my 14 years as a parent at St. Patrick's. Besides the fact that it went off beautifully through the music, singing, videos, and transitions . . . it encapsulated all of the things that our family loves about St. Patrick's: community, kindness, open expression of love and care for one another, inclusivity, joy, hope, and teacher appreciation.

- Current Parent (commenting on the virtual Easter Chapel)

We want to express how grateful and appreciative we are for all that you do!

- Current Student

To my St. Patrick’s teachers - thank you all for teaching us with all your patience and kindness, especially during this pandemic. Congratulations for all your hard work, we are so grateful for it. We will miss you all dearly when we leave St. Patrick's, but we will not forget you or your lessons. We wish you a happy teacher appreciation day and week.

- Current Student

Very impressed with how our St. Patrick’s faculty and staff is handling this unprecedented situation. Go, Wolfhounds.

- Current Faculty Member

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job all of you are doing with online learning - my children have been having such a positive and productive experience, and I appreciate how thoughtful St. Patrick’s approach has been, even down to the nursery schoolers.

- Current Parent


St. Patrick's Remote Learning Plan 

St. Patrick's Anywhere: Our Remote Learning Plan 2020-2021

Open each section and click on the buttons to read more about our approach, our commitment to our families, and our focus on the continuous growth of our students regardless of physical setting.

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