Visual and Performing Arts

The arts programs at St. Patrick’s strive to provide a strong and comprehensive foundation in the skills, language, tools, habits, and understandings that lead to confidence in and appreciation for each discipline.

Visual Art

The visual arts at St. Patrick’s empowers students with the skills and habits of artists. Creative expression is treated as learnable and attainable, and building students’ confidence in their artistic ability is central to the curriculum. Students build a strong art vocabulary and learn to analyze and appreciate the artwork of oth­ers as well as their own.
They develop skills of observation and perception while heightening their awareness of the elements of art and principles of design. They also practice self-reflection, perseverance, and experimentation. A wide variety of materials and subject matter are explored and revisited at different developmental stages. Interdisciplinary projects are regularly experienced, expanding students’ understanding of the connections art holds with many disciplines of study.

Boy painting in art class

Creative and artistic expression abounds in the St. Patrick’s art program. A walk into any of our three wonderful art studios (Lower School, Upper School, and MacArthur Campus) and through the hallways and classrooms tells the story of a dynamic art program—prints, collages, sculptures, self-portraits, ceramics, drawings, and paintings adorn the walls and display cabinets

Student geometric artwork

We invite you to inquire and schedule a tour to see for yourself.

Student painting of a bus
Student drawing of a flower

Music and Performing Arts

The music program fosters a lifelong love of music, develops the competencies that will enable children to participate fully in the music curriculum, and lays a foundation for participation in music beyond St. Patrick's.

Step into any of our three music classrooms and you might see students singing together, creating a movement piece inspired by art, composing a simple aria, practicing handbells, playing African drums or xylophones, or dancing a traditional folk dance, or learning to play the recorder. Music instruction at St. Patrick’s is experiential and builds a foundation of skills through work with pitch, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, form, timbre, and style. Always there is singing, which binds us together as a community whether in music classes, chapels, or concerts.

With a longstanding tradition of musical excellence, St. Patrick’s offers opportunities for performance at all grade levels. Whether these performances take place in the classroom, in regular chapels, or for a large audience, they are vital to each child’s development as a confident, skilled musician. To supplement the rich experience within the music classroom, St. Patrick’s offers both instrumental and choral ensembles. Each ensemble provides students with exciting opportunities to further their musicianship while developing leadership skills, self-confidence through performance, teamwork, and friendships. Ensemble members make a serious commitment to attend all rehearsals and participate in all performances.