Headfirst Summer Camps at St. Patrick's

We invite children entering Kindergarten to Grade 9 to engage in favorite and new activities, wonder about the world around them, and create their own vision of summer bliss. In partnership with Headfirst Summer Camps, we create engaging, hands-on learning environments using the power of play to delight and inspire. Each week, we immerse our campers in a carefully crafted story, giving them a unique way to understand and experience different types of challenges, to work as a team to achieve a goal, and to learn when they don’t know they’re being taught.

Through the story-centered programming, we aim to strengthen six core developmental skills in our campers: Optimism, resiliency, hope and goal-setting, emotional mastery, self-efficacy, and grit and determination. These are the Super Six skills. According to research, these traits are the key social and emotional building blocks necessary for authentic happiness and success. Many of these skills are practiced naturally in sports. The goal is to infuse them into all of the programs, to help guide campers toward finding their own personal best.

St. Patrick’s summer program will offer the following robust Headfirst programming (please note that the grade-level groupings below are not final):

  • Junior Day Camp (Rising Nursery & PK): This joyful program focuses on building confidence through exploration and play, all while offering the best of summer camp. Children will enjoy STEM programming, creative arts, and music and movement, along with the opportunity to make friends and learn skills to increase their independence.
  • Day Camp (Rising Kindergarten & Grade 1): This varied program combines creative arts, science, sports, and music to encourage children to expand their comfort zones, embrace their newfound independence, and test their limits in a supportive environment.
  • Multi-Sport Camp (Rising Kindergarten-Grade 7): This high-energy, high-excitement program introduces campers to a wide variety of sports with an emphasis on team-building. Each week, campers rotate through a different selection of court-based or field-based sports such as soccer, badminton, basketball, and more.
  • STEM Camp (Rising Kindergarten-Grade 6): Campers explore a specific topic each week such as robotics, coding, or conservation. Through a mix of story narratives and daily challenges, campers cultivate curiosity and learn the importance of overcoming obstacles.
  • Innovators, Inc. (Rising Grades 2-6): Campers take on a unique challenge each week based on a theme such as Superheroes, Cooking, or Urban Planning. All challenges combine elements of science, technology, and creative arts, with a healthy dose of teamwork.

You may want to learn more about Headfirst Summer Camps at http://www.headfirstcamps.com