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Student Support & Parent Events at St. Patrick's

Our School Counseling program focuses on furthering our school mission of seeing the infinite value in every child. One of our most important jobs is to get to know each and every child in the school building.

Our focus at the start of every school year is to build and deepen relationships with students and families. We believe every student deserves to be seen and known and that the relationships we build are the vehicles through which we can support in challenging moments.

Supporting Students

Day School Counselors at St. Patrick’s spend time in classrooms supporting teachers in offering Social-Emotional Learning to students. Our counselors are available as resources to students, when needed, both in individual and group settings.

Supporting Parents

Day School Counselors are also important resources to parents through both community-wide parent support and education opportunities as well as individual conversations and support.  Our latest series of Parent Workshops are detailed below.

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Positive Discipline Parenting Series

Offerings for ITC through Grade 5 Parents 

These Positive Discipline workshops will give you a brief overview of a research-based approach to raising responsible, respectful, and resourceful children. You will leave these gatherings with a deeper knowledge of child development and human behavior. We will also touch on practical tools and strategies, developed through this research, to help turn challenging behaviors into opportunities for your children to develop important social and life skills and to discover, and become confident in, their own capabilities.

You will begin learning long-term parenting skills that will encourage your children to think for themselves, become more resilient, responsible, and empathic, and have greater respect for themselves and others. You will be offered resources to learn more going forward! 

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*Please note that each event is specified for specific age groups. While each date will be tailored to the specific ages noted, parents of any age children are welcome at any of the dates as the content will be similar. Please feel free to join at a time that is convenient for you. You can reach out to Julianne Reilly ( with any questions. No registration is required. 

A Special Speaker in Partnership with the PA

Our Spring Speaker with the Parent's Association will feature Dr. Mary Alvord. Stay tuned to hear more about our Spring Speaker in partnership with the PA.

Upcoming Parent Workshops

Our Middle School Writing & Learning Center hosts a series of parent education coffees throughout the year. These coffees are typically geared towards topics of interest to Middle School parents, but all parents are welcome. 
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Meet our Counseling Team

Questions? Feel free to email us or submit an inquiry below.

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