Exceptional Literacy

boy reading book on chair
Middle school student reading book
Middle school student working in library
We engage deeply with the spoken and written word. We encourage our students to hone their ability to attend closely, to interpret accurately, to communicate effectively, to express oneself fully, to view problems from multiple perspectives, and to collaborate in transforming information into insights that lead to creative, sometimes ingenious, solutions—this is Exceptional Literacy.

Through text, we come to know the world better. Through rich and varied exchanges with others, we come to know ourselves. As the world changes, this broad approach to literacy fosters skills that allow students to be successful throughout their lives. The concept of Exceptional Literacy forms the core of our educational program.

Exceptional Literacy includes the study of language arts, social studies, and humanities, but also of mathematics, science, the arts, and technology—all fields with unique languages to master and unique contributions to make to our understanding of ourselves, of others, and of the world.

The philosophy of Exceptional Literacy is detailed in the publication Setting Compass, written by Head of School Peter A. Barrett.

Lower school girl reading book in the library