St. Patrick's Plus: Beyond the School Day

Please note: Coronavirus pandemic protocols will result in different after-school care closing times. The updated closing time established on a contractual basis will be communicated to families.

The learning, engagement, and friendships continue after dismissal with St. Patrick’s PLUS. Students in Nursery School through Grade 8 can extend their school days until 6:00 pm. Together with classmates grouped by age, these students play, study, and learn.

Additionally, After-School Clubs offer students the opportunity to extend current interests and explore new hobbies from Art to Yoga and from Robotics to Tae Kwon Do.

Under the leadership of Rhia Hamilton, Eby Okonkwo, and a team of expert St. Patrick’s PLUS Instructors, children can participate in a variety of clubs and activities each afternoon. Time with friends, relaxing environments, and encouraging homework helpers make St. Patrick’s PLUS the place to be after 3:00 pm.

Lower school students on playground