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Welcome from the Head of Nursery School

Dear Nursery School Families, 

Constructive play, rich conversation, meaningful experiences, and good books provide the foundation for learning and literacy in the Nursery School. On the playground and in classrooms, teachers support children in taking initiative, safe risks, developing confidence in their own abilities, and seeing the abilities of others. Our Nursery School in Washington D.C. creates opportunities for growth and excitement about learning so that Nursery & PK children will confidently and eagerly venture out into their own expanding worlds and into Lower School and beyond.

Teachers promote literacy–both written and oral–by recognizing and encouraging children’s efforts and progress to make and express meaning and by making books and print central to their classrooms. Play and other self-selected, but curated, activities within the classroom also provide exciting opportunities to learn and experiment with writing, mathematical and spatial concepts, nature and science, and creative expression through a variety of art media.

Well before the children arrive in their classrooms, teachers set the stage for a successful transition from home to school with open houses and by meeting with each child's family during the first week of school. Establishing and nurturing a strong connection between parents and teachers is essential if children and families are to become comfortable in their new school home.

Paul Lorenzo-Giguere

Head of Nursery School

Play-Based Learning in the Nursery School