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Purpose-Built Campus

Built in 2017,  the MacArthur Campus provides a purpose-built, modern learning environment dedicated to Grades 6, 7, and 8.

The almost-19,000-square-foot space is the perfect setting for teaching and learning designed for the particular needs of young adolescent learners. A great teacher -  and we have plenty -  can teach anywhere,  but a beautiful space certainly helps.  The space allows faculty to provide the kind of innovative instruction that is the hallmark of the St. Patrick's Middle School program.

The mix of flexible and more traditional instructional spaces enables St. Patrick’s faculty to meet the cognitive and academic needs of students at the same time as enhancing the strong sense of community that has become a characteristic of the program. 

The classroom layout offers space and opportunity for students to engage in independent and self-directed learning activities. Various activities can run simultaneously. This means more time for small-group work (student collaboration, a skill students will need in their academic and professional lives) and additional touchpoints with teachers and learning specialists, checkpoints for authentic understanding of the learning targets presented.

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Background to the building project