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Middle School Experience

It's not just the destination, it's the journey

In life, and at St. Patrick's, that saying rings true, but while we value and focus on that journey we appreciate that it is the sum of those experiences, attitudes, and values that lead to a positive destination.  St. Patrick's Grade 8 students are sought after by high schools throughout our regionand beyond. 

MacArthur Campus

A Purpose-Built Middle School Learning Environment 

The MacArthur Campus, home to our Middle School (Grades 6 to 8) and where students complete their St. Patrick’s experience,  is the perfect setting for these essential years during which students move from being elementary-age children to young adults on the cusp of high school.

A Dedicated Space for Growth

These years represent a time of tremendous transition for these young people—intellectually, socially, emotionally, morally, and physically. Guiding this time is an extraordinary faculty who reflect our core belief in the infinite value of every child and help prepare our students to come to know and believe in themselves.  By the time our students move on to secondary schools, they have developed the ability to explore and express increasingly complex ideas with competence and confidence.

Essential Years

An Approach that Nurtures & Inspires

Knowing that students learn best when they can be fully invested in their work, we strive to create classes and experiences that honor student voice, choice, and leadership, while nurturing a strong sense of connection with the adults who guide them.

At our private middle school in Washington DC,  classes on the MacArthur Campus balance teaching approaches that weave in and out of a project-based curriculum and more traditional methods, ensuring that students master essential skills while they develop the ability to manage their own work. 

Committed, Talented Faculty

St. Patrick’s Middle School program is characterized by a tight-knit student community, devoted faculty and staff who have chosen to become experts in early adolescent education, and rigorous academics scaffolded by instruction in non-cognitive skills.

Individually and collectively, the teachers know their students. They know their strengths, they know their areas of growth, and they know what is required to get the best from them.

The Middle School Core

As the oldest members of the St. Patrick’s student community, our students develop a core of key attitudes and values that stay with them into high school and far beyond.

Middle School students build on the School Creed of:
  • Honesty
  • Respect 
  • Responsibility
  • Kindness

They do so to develop the essential habits of:
  • Empathy
  • Agency
  • Inquiry