Middle School

St. Patrick's Upper School in Washington D.C. comprises five essential years during which students move from being elementary-age children to young adults on the cusp of high school who have developed the ability to explore and express increasingly complex ideas. These years represent a time of tremendous transition for these young people—intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Guiding this work is an extraordinary faculty that reflects our core belief in the infinite value of every child, that understands that these young people, whenever they arrive here, bring their own understandings of themselves and the world we inhabit.

Knowing that students learn best when they can be fully invested in their work, we strive to create classes and experiences that honor student voice, choice, and leadership, while nurturing a strong sense of connection with the adults who guide the students through school. Upper School classes balance teaching approaches, weaving in and out of project-based curriculum and more traditional methods, ensuring that students master essential skills while they develop the ability to manage their own work.

Dan Spector Head of Upper SchoolFor years, we have heard from the high schools to which our students matriculate that St. Patrick's students make those schools better places. That is the best feedback we could receive regarding the success of our work with these young people—that they leave St. Patrick's prepared for challenge and confident in themselves. I hope you will come visit and see this reality for yourself.

Dan Spector
Assistant Head of School/Head of Upper School