Episcopal Identity

Above all, Episcopal schools exist not merely to educate, but to demonstrate and proclaim the unique worth and beauty of all human beings as creations of a loving, empowering God.National Association of Episcopal Schools
The Infinite Value of Every Child

St. Patrick’s is committed to the ideals of equity and inclusion in all aspects of our program and community—in our curriculum, student body, and faculty and staff. Our emphasis on inclusion and service stems from our Episcopal Identity. As an Episcopal parish day school, we consider the moral and spiritual development of the young people in our care a distinguishing feature of life here.

Lower school students singing
What does it mean that St. Patrick's is an Episcopal School?

At St. Patrick’s, we believe that every individual is of infinite value, a belief that finds full expression in our Mission Statement as well as in our shared lives here. Rooted in the Episcopal tradition, St. Patrick’s School welcomes children and families from a variety of faith traditions. The National Association of Episcopal Schools defines the principles and ideals of an Episcopal school in four pillars. Community life, commitment to social justice, school worship, and religious formation and study. We seek to recognize the dignity and worth of every individual both within and outside of our community.

Reverend Solter, School Chaplain and Chaplain Gerhard and Georgetown University Chaplain Hendi

On behalf of the Upper School students, The Rev. Katie Solter, Day School Chaplain and The Rev. Dr. Kurt Gerhard, St. Patrick's Church Rector, welcomed Imam Yahya Hendi, Georgetown University Chaplain and professor, to Chapel.

Lower school students ringing bells
Students holding mass

St. Patrick's Episcopal Church

Our relationship with St. Patrick's Episcopal Church is a central, distinguishing feature of our parish day school within the Episcopal Diocese of Washington. Our core values stem from this association, born over sixty years ago.

Nursery School Chapel: This Little Light of Mine

two women in the church

Our inclusive Episcopal identity informs our work and our culture. Weekly chapels, which many parents attend, emphasize Honesty, Responsibility, Kindness and Respect—universal values taken directly from our Creed.

Each week, students in Nursery School, Lower School, and Upper School gather together by division for chapel. Family members and caregivers are always welcome and often attend Chapel, especially at the younger age levels. Our worship life is rooted in the Episcopal tradition but celebrates all faiths through the reading of scripture, music, and prayer. We bless birthdays, honor solemn events in our larger world such as Veterans Day and Martin Luther King Day, and share stories of faith and prayer, honoring each of us as a beloved child of God. Through homilies, poetry, skits, music, and dance, chapel aims to cultivate the spiritual development and growth of all members of the community, nurturing a commitment to social justice, equity, and a belief in a loving God.

Students gathered in church for chapel
Church activity with cards
Religious Literacy

Our aim is the recognition that all of us are children of God with infinite value, that we are all part of something larger than ourselves, and that we inhabit a country of many faiths.

Thus, the study of religion at St. Patrick's is centered around creating lessons and experiences that introduce our students to the principles of Episcopal identity, interfaith understanding, values and ethics, and a life-long commitment to service.

Classroom lessons encourage students to explore ideas freely, while providing an atmosphere that enables individuals to maintain and develop their own religious views and personal values, within the context of structured, academic study.

Reverend Katie Solter with dogs in church