Horizons at St. Patrick's

St. Patrick’s is a proud member of Horizons Greater Washington, a summer and Saturday academic, cultural, and recreational enrichment program that prepares students from under-resourced communities to succeed by building academic and life skills outside the traditional school year.

The regional Horizons Greater Washington nonprofit organization is comprised of St. Patrick's, Maret, and Norwood schools, a partnership that is reflective of our broader commitment to the Washington, D.C. community.

Since 2009, St. Patrick's has hosted Horizons students from Bancroft Elementary in Mt. Pleasant, and other neighboring schools, over six intensive weeks during the summer and several Saturdays during the school year for academic programming that helps students to reach their full potential. Students take part in language arts, STEM, art, and music classes; eat nourishing breakfasts and lunches; learn to swim; participate in frequent field trips; and become part of a family of caring teachers and staff. 

Horizons at St. Patrick's welcomes each child as a rising Grade 1 student and commits to that child and their family for nine consecutive years of service.

The greater St. Patrick’s community plays a critical role in the success of the Horizons program at St. Patrick's. The program provides opportunities for alumni to serve as Horizons Assistant Teachers (HATs), for school families to volunteer, and for St. Patrick’s teachers to share their incredible skills with another group of students. Horizons at St. Patrick's also relies on the generosity of the greater Day School community for financial and in-kind support.

For more information, please contact MacArthur Campus learning specialist and Writing & Learning Center Director and St. Patrick's Horizons Site Director Leah Corradi.

Horizons Greater Washington is one of more than 50 affiliates of the National Horizons Student Enrichment Program


Leah Corradi
St. Patrick's Site Director

Kate Peterson
St. Patrick's Assistant Site Director

Parent Volunteers

Elaine del Cerro
St. Patrick's Parents Association Vice President for Horizons

Whitney Rosenthal
Parent's Association Vice President for Horizons Greater Washington

Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities with Horizons Greater Washington can be found here