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Our Community

Community is among the first words people mention when talking about St. Patrick’s. And community, the sense of being together in this place and sharing with each other the special work we do here, is of the utmost importance to us. As your children and you join St. Patrick’s, all of you will make friendships that will last the rest of your lives. Some of these relationships may already exist if you know children and families who are here, while other relationships will evolve naturally as you deepen your involvement in the community. 

Over time, we have found that relationships that lead to a strong community grow organically, but they nonetheless need to be intentionally nurtured by families. Thus, we offer a few thoughts about how to maintain and strengthen the sense of community that exists here. 

Maintaining and Strengthening Community at St. Patrick’s

  • Find time to reach out to families you do not know. As time permits, invite children over for playdates, especially children from families you do not know well. 

•  Invite children to birthday parties and to participate on sports teams as they organize for a season together, and include everyone as appropriate. (We have a detailed statement on parties and teams in our Parent Directory and Handbook.)

•  For Nursery, PK, and Kindergarten families, attend the Welcome Receptions and, while there, talk to families you haven’t met before. All new families are encouraged to attend summer get-togethers planned by the Parents Association’s Wolfhound Grade Reps.

•  Come to school events that you might not immediately see as relevant to you. Just because your child is not in Grade 8 doesn’t mean you should not attend the Middle School Performing & Studio Arts Night. Come enjoy it! Join us at equity, diversity, and inclusion conversations. The topics relate to all of us. These events are vital to the community we all—educators and parents —work together to create for your children. 

We believe that an inclusive community is one that comprises a diverse population and thoughtfully embraces people of varying ages, abilities, ethnicities, family configurations, genders, sexual orientations, races, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Each member of the St. Patrick’s community is responsible for promoting equal access and equal respect in the school setting and in the greater St. Patrick’s community.

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