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Wolfhounds Grand Prix: This amazing race was a resounding success!


Wolfhounds Grand Prix: This amazing race was a resounding success!

The St. Patrick’s community gathered for the 44th Auction and Dinner to Benefit the Financial Aid Program in March. The 2018 theme was “Wolfhounds Grand Prix,” inspired by the renowned Formula One Grand Prix of Monaco. This amazing race was a resounding success—achieving our financial goals, raising funds for Fund-A-Scholar, and engaging broad community support and participation.

We were able to succeed with the imagination, energy, and commitment of more than 100 dedicated parent volunteers, our Auction Pit Crew. Leading the pace were tireless Auction Co-Chairs Maren Harrison (Ryan ‘19, Mac ‘21, Lyle ‘25) and Kim Hayman (Joslin ‘23, Lillian ‘25), who maneuvered the twists and turns of this particular track with consummate skill and enthusiasm.

The Nave was transformed into the South of France, and Porsche race cars greeted the guests outside in the driveway. The Auction raised $550,000 to support the Financial Aid Program, making it possible for the Day School to live out its commitment to socioeconomic diversity. Out of this number, $326,000 was raised directly through Fund-A-Scholar, with 250 donors taking part by raising their paddles. 

As Head of School Peter A. Barrett said in his letter to the community, “We race in support of a program that is essential to building the Day School community. Our Annual Auction to Benefit the Financial Aid Program is a critical part of our mission to equip all of our students, including those from families who would otherwise be unable to participate in this special community, with the character, knowledge, and creativity necessary to complete successfully the course on which they set themselves.”

2019 Auction Theme Announced 

The sky is the limit! The theme for the 45th annual Auction to Benefit the Financial Aid Program is “Come Soar With Us." Co-Chairs Liz Levin (Julia ‘22) and Mary Pat Weiss (John ‘27 and Thomas ‘27), along with their fabulous committee of parent volunteers, are ready fly into the bright blue yonder and make it a night to remember!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 2, 2019. Boarding will begin at 6 pm, and the ascent promises to be fast and full of fun!  We hope everyone will attend this fantastic community-building event in support of the Financial Aid Program, which currently supports 1 out of every 4 children in our student body, 108 children in all. With support from current and past families, St. Patrick’s has been able to create a stronger, more supportive community by building a more socioeconomically diverse student body. Please visit for more information.