Parents Association By-Laws




This association shall be known as the St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School Parents Association (hereinafter called “the Parents Association”).


The Parents Association of St. Patrick's Episcopal Day School strives to involve all of our families in nurturing our diverse and welcoming community, supporting excellence in the education of all of our children, and creating a spirit of volunteerism and generosity that contributes to the life and vitality of the Day School. Guided by our Executive Committee, and in partnership with the broader school community, the Parents Association leads community-building and fundraising initiatives. These efforts enable us to support the professional development and recognition of our faculty and staff, to serve as a resource to school families, and to enhance the spirit and character of St. Patrick’s.


Section 1. Membership – Membership in the Parents Association shall be conferred automatically to the parents of all School students upon enrollment of a student in the School.

Section 2. Rights and Obligations of Membership – Each member has the right to participate in programs of the Parents Association and is eligible to hold office. Members are expected to support the endeavors and activities of the Parents Association and of the School.


Section 1. Dues – Annual dues shall be established by the Executive Committee of the Association, in consultation with the Business Office of the School, and shall be levied on a per family basis at the time of billing or tuition.


Section 1. Officers – Officers of the Association shall comprise the Executive Committee and shall consist of a President, Vice President and Vice President for Room Parents, Vice President for Volunteers, Vice President for Faculty and Staff Recognition, Vice President for Parents Association Sales, Vice President for Community Service, Vice President for Equity, Vice President for Communications, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and Vice President for Horizons. Other officer positions may also be created at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Officers shall be asked to serve a two-year term and shall each be a member of the Executive Committee. When possible, the two-year terms shall be staggered so that roughly half of the officers are up for election in any given year. The officers shall be chosen from among the members of the Parents Association.

Section 2. Nomination of Officers – The President shall seek recommendations from the Executive Committee of the Parents Association and the broader school community. The President shall contact candidates. In consultation with the Executive Committee, the President shall create a slate listing the name and qualifications of at least one candidate for each office to be filled. All nominations must have the prior consent of the nominee.

Section 3. Election of Officers – A slate shall be distributed to members of the Parents Association along with a ballot via the HoundsTruth or other school-wide communication no later than the first Thursday in May of each year. Officers shall be elected by a majority of votes cast. The Executive Committee shall establish the date that ballots must be returned to the School, and notify the Parents Association of the due date and the method for casting votes at the time the ballots are distributed. Newly elected officers shall assume their duties at the close of the school year.

Section 4. Vacancies – Any vacancy in an officer’s position shall be filled by the Parents Association’s presiding officer, from recommendations made by the Executive Committee, to serve until the next elections of officers.

Section 5. Duties of Officers – The duties and powers of the Officers shall be as follows:

  1. President – The President shall be the executive officer of the Association and shall call and preside at meetings of the Parents Association and its Executive Committee. The President, with the approval of the Executive Committee, may create Committees not provided for in these by-laws. The President shall be a voting member of the Board of Trustees of the School and shall be responsible for communicating the Association’s policies and activities to the Board of Trustees. The President shall serve as liaison between the School and the Association. At the request of the President or in the event of his/her absence or disability, the Vice President may perform all of the duties of the President.
  1. Vice President and Vice President for Room Parents – The Vice President and Vice President for Room Parents shall assist the President and may be asked to perform the duties of the President in his/her absence. S/he shall also be responsible for the selection of Room Parents and the coordination of their duties. S/he shall also oversee any revisions to the Room Parent Handbook. S/he shall be the primary contact for communications to the Room Parents with regard to School events and the needs of various school committees and other Association officers.
  1. Vice President for Volunteers – The Vice President for Volunteers shall oversee volunteer recruitment at the School. S/he shall establish procedures for identifying volunteers, including but not limited to a school-wide communication over the summer. In coordination with the chairs of Association-sponsored events, activities, and programs, s/he shall ensure appropriate volunteer recruitment. S/he shall also oversee revisions to the Volunteer Handbook and coordinate appropriate thank-you gifts for the chairs of all Association-sponsored events.
  1. Vice President for Faculty and Staff Recognition – The Vice President for Faculty and Staff Recognition shall be responsible for activities and events recognizing Faculty and Staff contributions to the school that include but are not limited to a Fall Welcome Back Gift, a holiday charitable donation on behalf of faculty and staff, the Faculty and Staff Breakfast, Appreciation Luncheon, and gifts in recognition of those individuals celebrating special anniversaries with St. Patrick’s.
  1. Vice President for Parents Association Sales – The Vice President for Parents Association Sales shall be responsible for the purchase, sale, and inventory of St. Patrick’s logo items purchased by the Parents Association and sold to the parents.
  1. Vice President for Community Service – The Vice President for Community Service shall work in conjunction with the School’s Director of Community Service to support the School’s community service activities.
  1. Vice President for Equity – The Vice President for Equity shall present equity-related initiatives to the Executive Committee for support and/or approval, including, but not limited to, school Equity Forums and Salons. S/he shall also ensure that all Parents Association programs fully consider equity and diversity-related concerns and shall promote the understanding of equity and diversity-related issues among all School constituencies. The Vice President for Equity may be designated by the President to serve on the Board of Trustees Equity Committee.
  1. Vice President for Communication – The Vice President for Communication shall assist the Parents Association in communicating about its activities and programs to the broader school community. Communications shall include, but not be limited to, regular updates in the HoundsTruth or other school-wide communication, on the School’s website, and via electronic and/or hard-copy letters to the parent community.
  1. Vice President at Large – The Vice President at Large shall be responsible for the Family Bingo Night, the Community Skating Party, and any other Parents Association school-wide initiative as presented and assigned.
  1. Treasurer – The Treasurer, in conjunction with the Business Office of the School, shall oversee the allocation and use of the Association’s funds. The Treasurer shall prepare an annual budget, to be approved by the Executive Committee, ensure the keeping of complete and accurate accounts and shall present written financial statements at Association meetings. The Treasurer shall ensure that accurate financial statements are presented to the Board of Trustees prior to the annual School audit, for review with the School’s financial statements.
  1. Assistant Treasurer – The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer and perform the duties of the Treasurer in his/her absence. The Assistant Treasurer shall handle the administrative aspects of school photographs and the coordination of any grocery receipts, or affiliate programs the Parents Association participates in. The Assistant Treasure shall also manage the Holiday Greenery and Spring Bulbs sales. With the assistance of the Executive Committee, the Assistant Treasurer shall regularly investigate ways to diversify the Parents Association’s revenue streams.
  1. Recording Secretary – The Recording Secretary shall keep and distribute the minutes of the meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee in coordination with the Development Office staff. S/he will also help maintain, in coordination with the Development Office, the by-laws, budgets, and minutes, which are available online on the Day School website.
  1. Vice President for Horizons of Greater Washington – The Vice President for Horizons of Greater Washington shall be responsible for activities and events related to the St. Patrick's Partnership with Horizons of Greater Washington that include but are not limited to the Horizons Volunteer Council and Horizons Annual Spring Splash for which s/he shall serve as a chair. S/he may choose to select a co-chair to assist with this event. S/he shall work with the Horizons Program Site Director to determine volunteer opportunities to support all Horizons programs at the School then oversee recruitment of volunteers for these activities. Opportunities to support Horizons shall include but not be limited to providing/serving lunch and snacks, library maintenance and classroom activities and supply drives for art supplies, swimsuits, towels or other items requested by the Horizons Program Site Director. S/he shall work with the School's Director of Community Service to represent Horizons at activities and events that include but are not limited to Gifts for Good and the annual Bake Sale to Benefit Horizons. S/he shall be responsible for building and maintaining awareness in the School community about Horizons of Greater Washington.
  1. Development Office Liaison: The Development Office Liaison is a non-voting member of the Parents Association Executive Committee. The Development Office Liasion shall support the Parents Association Executive Committee in all events in an ad hoc manner.


Section 1. Meetings – The Executive Committee of the Association shall meet monthly during the school year. Additional meetings shall be called as needed.

Section 2. Voting – Voting shall be done either at an Executive Committee meeting or at a meeting of the Association, or by printed ballot in the HoundsTruth, or other school-wide communication. In the normal course of business, voting shall be conducted by the Executive Committee on behalf of the Parents Association, except as provided herein, and shall require a majority vote of members voting. If a tie vote occurs, the President, or the presiding officer, shall vote to break the tie.

Section 3. Changes in By-Laws – All proposed changes in the by-laws shall be reviewed and voted upon by the Executive Committee. All changes approved by the Executive Committee shall be published in the HoundsTruth or by other school-wide communication at least two weeks prior to a vote thereon. All changes in the by-laws shall require approval by a two-thirds majority of those Parents Association members who vote.

Section 4. Election of Officers – As previously provided for in Article V., Section 3., officers of the Parents Association shall be elected by a majority of Parents Association members who vote.


Section 1. Fiscal Year and Audit – The Parents Association’s fiscal year shall be the same as that of the School, and the books and accounts of the Parents Association shall be kept in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices.

Section 2. Execution – Checks drawn on Parents Association bank accounts, which shall be established as accounts separate from those of the Day School, shall be signed by the President, the Treasurer or other designated official of the Executive Committee.

Section 3. Budget – The budget will be derived from individual budgets presented to the Treasurer by event chairs and by officers of the Executive Committee. Each event sponsored by the Association shall have a budget prepared by the chair or his/her designee or the Executive Committee member as appropriate. The budget shall show projected income and expenses by category, total projected profit, and advance cash requirements. [Attached Administrative Procedures of the Parents Association shall guide budgetary conduct.]

The Association’s budget will then be prepared by the Treasurer in coordination with the Business Office of the School and shall be approved by the Executive Committee, acting on behalf of the parent body of the School. Budget resolutions approved by the Executive Committee will form part of the minutes for that meeting. Any items not approved during the budgeting process as an income or expense item will be discussed and approved by the Executive Committee on a case-by-case basis. Income shall be disbursed for the benefit of the School in accordance with the annual budget approved by a majority of officers voting.

Section 4. Administrative Procedures – The attached Administrative Procedures are incorporated herein as part of the Association by-laws and the fiscal policies of the Parents Association.


A two-thirds vote of all members shall be required to dissolve the Association. In the event of dissolution, all of the Association’s assets shall be distributed to the Day School.