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Weekly Mindful Moments with School Counselor and Chaplain


Each week, School Counselor Julianne Reilly and the Rev. Ed Thornley, Day School Chaplain, share a Midweek Mindful Moment with the community on the St. Patrick’s Vimeo channel. These short videos reflect on particular needs and concerns as they arise across our school, as well as our weekly Chapel themes and other important topics. There will often be a guest speaker or two, and the videos provide insights into a key theme (such as mindfulness, sustainability, or inclusivity) and how we might put that theme into practice. The Midweek Mindful Moments therefore often feature tips for mindful activities that students, faculty and staff, and families can take away and practice in their own time. Published in the Mindful Moments showcase, which is similar to a curated playlist, the videos are available for the entire community to view and reflect on, if they wish. The videos are also often shared as reflective activities in the classroom.

The Midweek Mindful Moment developed out of our determination to provide brief opportunities for peace and comfort throughout the week during the pandemic. Complementing the collaborative work of our new Mental Health Team—composed of Ms. Reilly as Counselor, Fr. Ed as Chaplain, and the Rev. Amy Yount ‘77 as Assistant Head of Middle School/Director of Secondary School Placement—and the broader work of our chaplaincy and counseling programs, these vignettes provide opportunities to pause for reflection in the midst of a busy week, especially at a time when many are experiencing particular pressure and anxiety. We hope that our videos serve as a small reminder that someone is always listening, that there is always a way to find peacefulness during the day, and that there is always someone to turn to—wherever you are on your journey

This week, we are delighted to welcome Sam Mason, our Director of Sustainability, who will be reflecting on Earth Day and how care for the environment is bound up with our care for one another. You can also reach out to us at any time if you would like to know more about the pastoral, spiritual, and counseling support that is available at St. Patrick’s!

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