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Virtual Cake Raffle a Huge Success in Support of Horizons!


On Friday, April 23, students, families, and faculty and staff in Grades 1 to 8 came together to support Horizons Greater Washington by participating in this year’s Cake Raffle, a beloved St. Patrick’s tradition that students look forward to each year. Led by the Grade 6 faculty, families, and students, the Cake Raffle is a time to celebrate our creativity, generosity and, of course, love of cake!

In years past, Grade 6 students and teachers baked and decorated cakes for the raffle. One of the most exciting aspects of the Cake Raffle was taking in the amazing creations conceived by students and faculty and staff. Students have had the opportunity to win “candy explosion” cakes, cupcakes in the shape of hamburger sliders (topped with ketchup, mustard, and lettuce), cakes in the shape of class pets, and more! Students sat, sometimes patiently, in the Nave and watched the raffle live while Grade 6 students read off names and gave winners a sneak peak of their winnings. The smell of sugar and the sound of laughter filled the Nave as hundreds of cakes made their way to classrooms for delivery at the end of the day. 

This year, the Cake Raffle looked a bit different, but the joy was still evident. Rather than baking or creating cakes, Grade 6 families purchased more than 150 cakes from local grocery stores and bakeries. Students then Zoomed in with their classes, in school, or families, from home, to await the list of winners. Grade 6 faculty read off the names and, interspersed throughout the raffle, there were videos of Grade 6 students and faculty and staff describing their dream cakes and reminiscing about their favorite Cake Raffle moments. One Grade 6 student shared that his dream cake is a vanilla cake with raspberry-lemon frosting made by his sister. Another student spoke about a time when a classmate shared his winnings. Faculty and staff created videos sharing pictures and descriptions of some of their past creations, talked about their favorite local bakeries, and reminisced about the generosity, kindness, and excitement they look forward to each and every year on Cake Raffle day. 

While nothing beats the in-person experience of a St. Patrick’s Cake Raffle, this year’s event was special in its own way, and the icing on the cake was the more than $8,000 raised to support our partnership with Horizons Greater Washington. 

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