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To Care Is to Give: A PK Student’s Gift


After participating in a “Caring and Giving” unit in Nursery School, PK student Luciana wanted to put those words into action in a significant way. Blessed with beautiful, thick, long, and shiny hair, Luciana decided she wanted to donate it to those children who, for various reasons, do not have a full head of hair. 

It started in Luciana's classroom with a "Caring and Giving" unit developed by PK2-B teacher Joyce Distinto. In whole and small groups, the children explored and discussed ways to care for each other and what they could provide others to put them in a better or more secure place.

Later that week, while Luciana was having her hair brushed by her mother at home, they were talking about school and the topic of "caring and sharing." After mentioning what she knew about caring and sharing, Luciana asked her mother if she knew of ways people can care and share. Remembering her time working in a children's burn unit, her mother said, "Well, some people give their hair to children who cannot grow hair." Luciana apparently thought about it, came back to the room a while later, and declared, "I am going to donate my hair to the children who do not have hair." 

“We took her to the hair salon and, once we arrived there, I wanted to turn around and forget it. I am not cutting her hair,” her mother recounted. But Luciana spoke loud and clear to the hairdresser, saying firmly, "Please cut my hair short. I will donate it to a child who does not have hair.” And she did it: She put her words into action. 

The hair was sent to Locks of Love as a donation for children who have experienced hair loss as a result of medical conditions. Her loving mother and father, a member of the St. Patrick’s staff, captured the process at the salon and Luciana proudly holding the certificate she received for her donation. Her parents were so touched and rightly proud of her offering. They remarked, “It made all of us a bit misty-eyed, a five-year-old understanding that she can make a difference through a gesture of care and giving.”  

Ms. Distinto taught Luciana that caring and giving is loving. Luciana’s parents are grateful that their daughter learned those magical words at school. Luciana shared her experience at her Closing Meeting with her classmates, naming her story, "My Hair Went on Vacation.”  If you are interested in making a donation, you can explore ways to contribute to Locks of Love here

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