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The Joys of Summer and Ongoing Academic Development with Horizons at St. Patrick’s


At St. Patrick’s, we strive to live our values of service, equity, and social justice and to have all of the members of our community recognize that we are part of something much larger than ourselves. Horizons at St. Patrick’s—part of the regional Horizons Greater Washington program that also includes independent schools Maret and Norwood and our public school partners as well as a larger, national network—offers us a powerful opportunity to reach those goals. 

This summer, some of our highlights have included visits from author Molly Burnham, Capital One Coders, Congresswoman (and Day School parent) Stacey Plaskett, and Civic Circle’s “Citizenship Tango” Showcase, along with many STEM- and art-focused projects. Middle School students have also focused on academic curriculum related to ethics and policy, poetry, and grade level-appropriate math skills. 

Horizons students have also spent a great deal of time tending to the St. Patrick’s Garden & Outdoor Learning Space on our Foxhall Campus. For students, the garden provides the opportunity to use tools, learn about our food system, and watch plants grow. Horizons students this summer have enjoyed tasting summer vegetables and planting some of their own! 

We remain grateful for the St. Patrick’s community’s ongoing support of the Horizons program, which includes longtime Horizons advocate (and current Parents Association President) Kit Ballenger’s donation of more than 100 books to our library for student enjoyment this summer! We look forward to continuing to grow with our Horizons students!  

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