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The 2022-2023 CAC Sportsmanship Awards


The 2022-2023 CAC Sportsmanship Awards

The Capital Athletic Conference (CAC) held its annual awards meeting this May, where teams and individuals were honored for their outstanding 2022-2023 athletic achievements. For the seventh time in eight years, St. Patrick’s received the CAC Sportsmanship Award, the highest and most coveted honor awarded to one of the six-member schools. Athletic Directors from the CAC, a group of like-configured independent schools in the metropolitan area, vote in a confidential ballot at the end-of-year league meeting for the one school that demonstrates the best examples of sportsmanship during the year. 

The Wolfhounds demonstrated great success across various arenas, including fields, courts, tracks, and trails, securing five impressive championships. What truly sets them apart is the exemplary manner in which they achieved these victories. Let us extend our congratulations to the remarkable Wolfhound athletes and coaches for a great year!

The Boys varsity lacrosse team concluded their season with an outstanding 4-1 record and earned the title of Co-League Champions. Similarly, the Boys Grade 6 lacrosse team showcased their exceptional skills, finishing with a commendable 4-1 record against other Grade 6 teams and an impressive 8-2 overall record. They, too, proudly earned the distinction of being Co-League Champions. Meanwhile, the Girls varsity lacrosse team exhibited commendable perseverance throughout the season, concluding with a 4-5-1 record. Not to be outdone, the Girls Grade 6 lacrosse team fought valiantly, finishing the season with a respectable 3-5-1 record. In Track & Field, the Wolfhounds truly left their mark with a remarkable performance at their league track meet. Their triumphs included securing first place in the one lap run for girls in Grades 5-6, one lap run for girls in Grades 7-8, two laps run for girls in Grades 7-8, 4X one lap run for girls in Grades 7-8, 4X one lap run for a mixed group in Grades 7-8, and shot put for Grades 7-8.

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