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Summer Renovations for Day School to Restore Campus to Pre-Pandemic Configurations


Every five years, the Day School conducts a Facilities Condition Assessment for all our buildings with a third-party contractor. This year, results of the most recent five-year assessment showed that the stewardship and care of St. Patrick’s buildings and grounds exceeded those of peer schools as evidenced by the low level of deferred maintenance identified. As we prepare to restore the Whitehaven Campus to pre-pandemic configurations, we look forward to refreshing and refurnishing a variety of instructional and common spaces. 

This summer, it is with a sigh of relief that we have begun removing walls and spaces that we purposed for COVID-19 safety, and return to our previous, preferred configurations. These changes offer the opportunity to refresh other interior spaces, beginning this summer with the Whitehaven Campus Library, the nearby Lower School Common Room (around which Grades 4 and 5 classrooms are arrayed), and the rest of that level. In the summer of 2023, we will turn our attention to the Lower School science labs and art studio on the second floor (where the main entrance is located) and also refresh that level. 

We remain grateful to Facilities Director Mike Matthews and our Maintenance Team for their tireless work in keeping our buildings and grounds safe and beautiful. 

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