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Parenting with Positive Discipline


Parenting with Positive Discipline

Are you interested in learning more about Positive Discipline? Listen to our Day School Counselor, Julianne Reilly, discuss her Positive Discipline work on the Peace At Home Parenting podcast. Julianne is passionate about Positive Discipline and uses the philosophy to guide her career as a counselor, parent, and therapist in her work with parents outside St. Patrick’s.

On the podcast, Julianne talks about using Positive Discipline as a framework for developing respectful relationships between parent and child and within any type of relationship. Many of our classrooms at St. Patrick’s have been implementing Positive Discipline in the Classroom, which is focused on supporting children in building the skills they need to be responsible, resourceful, and resilient members of their communities and building a sense of belonging and significance within the classroom community for each child. 

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