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Lunar New Year Celebrations


Lunar New Year Celebrations

Our division Chapels marked the Lunar New Year last week. We were fortunate to have Sarah Zhou and her son Emerson in Grade 3, lead our Kindergarten-Grade 2, Grades 3-5, and Middle School Chapels! Mrs. Zhou and Emerson reflected on how the Lunar New Year is celebrated in China and among Chinese communities locally and throughout the United States. Topics ranged from the history of the Lunar calendar, background on the order of the zodiac signs, and traditions practiced in Chinese cultures from year to year. 

Ellie in Grade 2 also performed the Korean Big Bow (a traditional greeting and formal sign of respect) with a poem at the Kindergarten-Grade 2 and Grades 3-5 Chapels. In the Nursery School Chapel, Mrs. Peng, N1 Assistant Teacher, alongside Emerson and some of our Middle School students, read stories and reflected on celebrating the Lunar New Year in our school community.

Prior to our Chapel celebrations, the PASIA (Parents of Asian Students in Alliance) and ASIA (Asian Students in Alliance) affinity groups held a potluck to bring in the year of the Rabbit. 

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