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Lower School Students Begin Explorations During Fall Field Trips


Lower School Students Begin Explorations During Fall Field Trips

Dressed in fall colors, Kindergarten teachers arrived bright and early to lead their students out for their first-ever St. Patrick’s field trip. The recent journey to Butler's Orchard signaled an important Kindergarten milestone. Kindergartners promised their parents or other caregivers that they'd "have fun" and bring back "a really big one" as they bounded out of cars that morning. At the end of the hayride and pumpkin selection, Kindergartners were eager for more. "You know you can always come back with your parents on the weekend," K1 teacher Victoria Carson announced on the bus ride back to school, to the delight and awe of many Kindergartners. 

Whether you looked port or starboard, you were bound to see a curious Grade 4 student exploring the rich history and environment of the Chesapeake Bay last week. Historians aboard the replica British ship Sultana, which patrolled the waterways and managed taxes on the colonists, taught the students about the daily life and routines of sailors in those days, highlighting the diverse experiences onboard. But life onboard wasn't the only point of interest. Students learned about the bluegill and blue crab, how the bay supports marine life,  and our role in maintaining marine habitats.

The ever-changing landscape of Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens continued to fascinate students with its range of flora and fauna. No year is exactly the same! Grade 1 students were ecstatic to be the first to spot one of the frogs, turtles, or waterfowl living in the gardens. These carefully cultivated gardens were transformed from near-worthless land to the precious property we see today by an enterprising family in the late 1800s. The serene historic paths were a perfect getaway for the Grade 1 students who, like the Kindergartners, were experiencing their first St. Patrick’s field trip last week. 

A cornerstone to our environmental sustainability efforts is the ability to appreciate the natural world and its value. These outdoor field trips highlighted the joy of learning about the environment for each Lower School student.

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