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Literacy Work in the Nursery School


Literacy Work in the Nursery School

One of the most important goals in the Nursery School is to foster a love of literacy in our students or, more precisely, foster the love of books and stories in all forms. To do this, we provide a wealth of opportunities for being read to, to read, tell stories, and dictate the student’s observations. And as they become ready, to write themselves. 

With our play-based learning approach, PK children begin foundational literacy skills such as letter recognition, letter-sound correspondence, rhyming, sight-word recognition, and story sequencing. They practice blending and segmenting words in meaningful expressions of thought through storytelling and dictation.

We emphasize story time in all our classrooms because we know that listening to stories provides opportunities for our children to participate in comprehension activities, build their vocabulary, and develop their language skills. PK students engage in authentic literature extension activities like drawing, writing their names and familiar words, creating class books, and imaginary play in our dramatic play area.

We can describe all of this in writing, but sometimes, a picture is better than a thousand words. Please take a look at what has been happening in PK2 these past few weeks.

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