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Laugh & Learn: Continuing to Engage the Minds of St. Patrick’s Faculty and Staff


This winter, Director of Innovation in Teaching and Learning & Design Thinking Specialist Elizabeth Markowitz offered both wreath-making and printmaking activities to her colleagues. More than 20 members of the faculty and staff were able to pick up supply kits at school and log in from home. The Zoom experiences successfully provided the same jovial environment to learn together and encourage each other to reach outside our comfort zones. The wreath-making required not only physical skills but attention to color and balance as participants used repurposed silk flowers for their work. In the other activity, faculty and staff learned the process of printmaking, as well as the purpose, by creating multiples of their designs on cards. Many participants had so much fun that they created more wreaths and prints for holiday gifts to give to friends and family! This winter, we look forward to classes such as the Art of Pizza Dough, Zine Creation, and Book-Binding.

Elizabeth launched this effort in 2018 to enable our faculty and staff to share their diverse expertise with one another. From printmaking to dance to furniture refinishing, many of us have passions and hobbies, but we rarely share them with our colleagues. Perhaps most exciting is that, beyond the specific skills that teachers learn, which they can apply in their classrooms, faculty and staff experience the joy of seeing a valued colleague’s expertise and the gratitude of learning new talents and ideas come from one another. 

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