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The Kindergarten Circus Showcase: Celebrating Growth, Skills, and Joy!


The Kindergarten Circus Showcase: Celebrating Growth, Skills, and Joy!

On Friday, May 26, Kindergarten students showcased some of what they learned this year—including their newly acquired or honed physical skills from their PE classes—at the Kindergarten Circus Showcase. After much rehearsal and excitement, as the audience took their seats, siblings of performing students welcomed audience members. They handed out programs and bags of delicious kettle corn to Nursery and Lower School students, guests, and families. 

Kindergarten students showcased their confidence growth and skills to soar to new heights through multiple acts, including clowns, magicians, tumblers, super scooters, strong people, vaulters, jumpers, and acrobats. We saw students jumping with enthusiasm, flying through the air and landing gracefully, scooting across the stage, lifting “heavy” weights, figuring out new schemes to tease Mrs. Spain Thomas, Mrs. Congdon, Mr. Giguere, and Mr. Spector, and wowing the audience with their reading and narration.

The crowd cheered as each act was introduced with words and songs. It was an incredible show, full of laughter and cheer to celebrate all our Kindergarten students learned during this school year! 

2023 Kindergarten Circus Showcase


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