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Annual Holiday Concert & Christmas Pageants Bring Community Together


Annual Holiday Concert & Christmas Pageants Bring Community Together

On Wednesday, December 6, St. Patrick’s held its annual Holiday Concert, where a spotlight shone brightly on our talented students and music teachers, Alicia Knox, Laura Petersen, and Betsy Sebring. They extended a warm invitation for an enchanting evening dedicated to celebrating the festive season through a captivating array of musical selections. 

Our student singers showcased their versatility by singing in English, Latin, German, Hebrew, and Ladino. The magic continued as the handbell groups took center stage, presenting a melodic selection of cherished holiday favorites. The Grade 6 bells enchanted the audience with the timeless “Tallis Canon,” and the Grade 7 bells added a jingling twist to the night with their rendition of “Jingle Bell Rock.” The Grade 8 bells orchestrated a medley featuring two songs from the ever-popular “Charlie Brown Christmas.” The Day 1 Orff Ensemble dazzled the audience with a piece composed in challenging meter 7. At the same time, the Day 6 Orff Ensemble excitedly shared a piece titled “Bambamukota,” which translates to “grasshopper.” 

The evening reached a crescendo as the Grades 7 and 8 Choir and Grades 5 and 6 Young Singers joined forces with our skilled Faculty and Staff Choir for a show-stopping finale. It was an evening filled with harmonies, melodies, and the joyous spirit of the holidays! Thank you to all who made the Winter Concert a total success! 

St Patrick’s additionally held its two annual Christmas Pageants the day before Winter Break. As is tradition, the 2023 Nursery/K/Grade 8 and Grades 1-7 Christmas Pageants featured student solos & scripture readings, wonderful music, and an abundance of joy and thanksgiving. Three Grade 2 students, Hudson E., Daniel P., and PJ R. played the three Kings and sang solos in the Grades 1-7 Pageants. This year’s Middle School soloists included Mateo D. (G7) and Campbell D. (G8), who each performed the first verse of the carol “Once in Royal David’s City” from the balcony of the Nave, as captured here. We always love having the opportunity to gather as a community to reflect on the Christmas story prior to the start of Winter Break. 

Please use the following links to view these performances: 

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