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Happy Lunar New Year!


Lunar New Year celebrations occurred on Friday, February 12. On-campus students and faculty and staff have enjoyed the beautiful decorations at the main entrances to the Whitehaven Campus and MacArthur Campus to mark Lunar New Year, installed by members of PASIA and ASIA. The items mainly represent Chinese and Korean celebrations and, of course, the Year of the Ox! Students on the Whitehaven Campus were able to see the elaborate clothing and items along with descriptions of their significance to the holiday. 

A huge thank you to the families in Nursery School, Kindergarten, and Grade 2 who helped with the installation! One parent talked about her excitement in sharing this holiday with the community: “I would visit my daughter’s previous school in my Korean dress, show how to make a Korean big bow (formal bow), show-and-tell Korean items, and share individually packed Korean desserts such as handmade flower-shaped cookies, rice cakes, and popped rice crispy.” In the (hopefully) not-too-distant future, we would enjoy such a treat but, for now, the beautiful decorations and descriptions provide an excellent alternative! 

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