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Grade 2 Presents Music and Poetry in Interdisciplinary Performance


Grade 2 Presents Music and Poetry in Interdisciplinary Performance

The fusion of music and poetry is an exciting avenue for young minds to explore creativity and expression. Recently, Grade 2 students showcased their burgeoning writing and performance talents through a delightful presentation that intertwined melodies, verses, movement, and body percussion. With eager faces and hearts brimming with excitement, the students blended the harmonies of music with the rhythmic cadence of poetry to an enthusiastic audience of family members in the Whitehaven Campus Music Room with Lower School Music Teacher Mrs. Sebring. 

Each Grade 2 class also hosted a poetry share that included original works written and illustrated by students, incorporating poetic techniques taught in class. Visitors were given a “poetry passport” and encouraged to visit as many children as possible to hear their poems read aloud and learn about the poetry students had studied and written.

The Grade 2 music and poetry presentation was more than just a showcase of talent; it was a celebration of imagination and a testament to the enduring spirit of curiosity that thrives within every child. We are grateful to Grade 2 Homeroom Teachers Ms. Buffington, Mrs. Gibson, and Ms. Wilchynski; Learning Specialists Mr. Heim and Ms. Young; along with Mrs. Sebring for supporting our students through this exciting Grade 2 milestone event. 

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