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Grade 2 Poetry and Music Presentation


Grade 2 Poetry and Music Presentation

On Friday, March 3, as a culmination of their writing unit on poetry, Grade 2 students shared an original performance with their parents. Inspired by a variety of poetry, the audience heard body percussion, rhythmic speech, dramatic speech, and other instruments, with the added element of movement to bring the poetry to life. Students worked together as a whole class and in small groups to proudly perform in an innovative, interdisciplinary way. 

Music room performances were complemented by students sharing a book of finished, published poetry on a chosen theme in their homerooms. 2C student, Elizabeth, shared, “I liked the music performance because it was a lot of action, and we got to say all these lines about yucky words, wacky words, and wicked words. I liked writing poetry because we got the chance to make up a theme and do the front and back covers. My theme was beach poems.” Students’ pride in their effort and achievement was evident. 2B student, Noa, said, “I liked how everyone worked on it very hard. We spent since January on poetry so it was really important to us to finally share it with our parents.” 

Congratulations to the Grade 2 students on this milestone presentation!

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