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From the Day School to D1: Wolfhounds Excel in Lacrosse Beyond St. Patrick’s


St. Patrick's athletics prepare students for success in high school and beyond by focusing on the fundamentals. Creating good habits both in the classroom and on the playing field helps them reach their potential. Coaches teach teamwork, collaboration, and compromise. Players are taught that the team’s performance together is stronger than one person’s performance alone. An important skill to learn, teamwork will serve students well as they enter the workforce and become part of a team of professionals. 

Developing time-management strategies, learning how to be a coachable player, and developing the resilience they need to deal with setbacks are also among the skills St. Patrick’s students take with them beyond our care. Proud of the efforts of all our athletes, we are excited to follow the careers of these students:


Samantha Tate ex. '19 - Johns Hopkins University 

Pasha Hakimi '19 - University of Pennsylvania

Will Roberts ex. '19 - University of Pennsylvania

Laila Kostorowski '19 - University of Michigan

Tre Moore '19 - Boston University


Preston Lugar ex. '18 - U.S. Naval Academy

Charlie Muller ex. '18 - Harvard University

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