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Faculty Teams Shine with Education Innovation Grants


Faculty Teams Shine with Education Innovation Grants

The Educational Innovation Grant Program is offered jointly by the Parents Association and the Day School to promote innovation in educational programs, pedagogies, and technologies. Grant recipients
undertake program design work that is innovative in nature and will make a significant contribution to the current and future Day School program. The grant program offers two distinct opportunities. The first is the Summer Innovation Grant designed for teams, and the second is the Faculty Leadership Innovation Grant, designed for an individual faculty member to engage in a year-long endeavor.

This year we are awarding one team grant and two individual grants. The first grant is being awarded to 
Librarians Jamila Felton and Mara Rosenberg, Middle School History teacher Marlena Elmore, Grade 5 Homeroom teacher Dean Lanois, Science teacher Alexa Louis, and Grade 1 Homeroom teacher Annie Miller. This group will spend the summer creating a Research Toolkit for Grades Kindergarten to Grade 8. 

For the first time in St. Patrick’s history, we will be awarding two Faculty Leadership Innovation Grants. Grade 1 teacher Annie Miller will be researching best practices in elementary education around Civics. She will be creating a set of recommendations for small burst lessons to support teachers and supplement the existing curriculum. Grade 3 teacher, Shannon Thomas to work with Assistant Head of School for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Erica Thompson, to create a structure for affinity group curricula based on their years of work with C3.

The partnership between the Day School and Parents Association not only supports improved curriculum and programming for our students but also maintains lifelong learning in our faculty & staff and creates the space for members to imagine, team up, and pursue the areas that bring them deeper joy and engagement. 

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