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“Dear Future Me” Grade 6 Letters


“Dear Future Me” Grade 6 Letters

In a wonderful and reflective project at the Middle School, Grade 6 students write letters to their future selves at the end of the year. This project serves as a time capsule of their thoughts, hopes, and dreams, capturing their mindset at a pivotal stage in their academic careers. The letters often contain personal reflections, academic goals, predictions about their lives, and messages of encouragement. Ms. Smith collects and stores these letters for two years, ensuring they remain untouched until the students reach the end of Grade 8.

When students receive their letters at the end of Grade 8, it marks a significant and emotional moment in their final days at the school. The experience allows them to reflect on their growth, both academically and personally, over the past two years. Reading their own words from Grade 6 often elicits a mix of nostalgia, surprise, humor, and pride as they see how much they have changed and how their goals and perspectives have evolved. 

This project not only provides a meaningful closure to their middle school journey, but also encourages introspection and a deeper appreciation of their personal development. We cannot wait to see what our Grade 8 students will be in the next iteration of their “future selves.” 

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