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Cross-Divisional Celebrations


Cross-Divisional Celebrations

Taking full advantage of the Flex Day schedule, when we do not host the regularly scheduled classes, Middle School students joined their Lower School peers for a day of celebration, creativity, and joy on Halloween.

Students in Grades 6 and 7 started their days on the Whitehaven Campus, where they were paired with classes between Kindergarten and Grade 3 for Halloween-themed activities. They then watched the Nursery School parade before returning to the Whitehaven Campus.

Students in Grade 8 started their day on the MacArthur Campus, preparing for the arrival of Grades 4 and 5, who were then treated to a spectacular Haunted Hallway and Halloween games in classrooms. The day was an opportunity to nurture cross-divisional connections between the Wolfhounds in Lower and Middle School.

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