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Congratulations to our 2023 MAESA Participants & Winners!


Congratulations to our 2023 MAESA Participants & Winners!

St. Patrick’s welcomed seven area Episcopal schools to participate in the Mid-Atlantic Episcopal Schools Association (MAESA) Scholars Fair on Friday, April 28. The MAESA Fair draws together students from Episcopal schools around the region to compete in various categories, including spelling, geography, art (two- and three-dimensional), science, and multimedia. Schools send participants and judges to the host school to display the strength of learning and growth in Episcopal schools. St. Patrick’s hosted our second year of a two-year rotation. Last year, we added engaging activities for students to collaborate during competitions, including design challenges and math and language activities. This year, we also added a service activity, elevating the Episcopal mission of giving back to others. Students assembled over 250 hygiene kits for Samaritan Ministry. In addition, this year, we also added a math competition. We were excited to launch these new components for MAESA and look forward to seeing them continue in future MAESA Scholars Fairs.

This year, St. Patrick’s winners were Lillie Cohen (second place, spelling bee Grades 7-8), Annabelle Christiansen Goudie (first place, science fair Grades 7-8), McCoy Herman (third place, math competition Grades 7-8), Barclay Howe (third place, multimedia, informative Grades 4-6), Gabby Howell (first place, three-dimensional art Grades 7-8), Peter Isles (first place, multimedia, informative Grades 7-8), Luc Marchand (first place, multimedia creative Grades 7-8), Ryan O’Connor (third place, two-dimensional art Grades 4-6), Kiran Phillips (third place, multimedia creative Grades 4-6), Eleanor Roberts (second place, three-dimensional art Grades 7-8), Anna Torchinsky (first place, multimedia, informative Grades 4-6), and Graham Wollenhaupt (first place, math competition Grades 4-6).

In asking students about the MAESA fair, they revealed the unique opportunity to interact with classmates and other schools. “The MAESA Fair is a chance to experience the full potential of all the schools coming together. It’s fun hanging out with everyone from different schools. I feel like I was finally able to meet a lot more people than I would usually be able to.”- Kiran Phillips G5. “My favorite part of MAESA was the fact that I got to present my art, and I got to show off some work I’ve been doing for the year. My second favorite part was the chance to attend all the events and watch others share their hard work.” Katie Allbritton G5.

Thank you so much to all of our 33 student participants (listed below) in Grades 4-8; you all did a fantastic job! 

Full List of Participants:

Katie A. (Grade 5): 2-D Art
Audrey B. (Grade 5): 2-D Art
Ryan O. (Grade 5): 2-D Art
Mateo D. (Grade 6): 3-D Art
Kam K. (Grade 6): 3-D Art
Gabby H. (Grade 7): 3-D Art
Campbell D. (Grade 7): 2-D Art
Eleanor R. (Grade 8): 3-D Art
Anna P. (Grade 8): 2-D Art
Scott H. (Grade 8): 3-D Art
Sophie V. & Alexa P. (Grade 6) Science
Ben G. & Mario T. (Grade 6) Science
Annabelle G.-C. (Grade 7) Science
Elliot R. (Grade 7) Science
Millie M. & Campbell M. (Grade 8) Science
Barclay H. (Grade 5) Multi-Media Informative
Anna T. (Grade 5) Multi-Media Informative
Peter I. (Grade 8) Multi-Media Informative
Kat F. (Grade 4) Multi-Media Creative
Kiran P. (Grade 5) Multi-Media Creative
Luc M. (Grade 8) Multi-Media Creative
Aran B. (Grade 5) Geography Bee
Oliver C. (Grade 6) Geography Bee
John T. (Grade 8) Geography Bee
Owen D. (Grade 7) Geography Bee
Joelle B. (Grade 6) Spelling Bee
Alex B. (Grade 5) Spelling Bee
Lillie C. (Grade 7) Spelling Bee
Sophia T. (Grade 8) Spelling Bee
Graham W. (Grade 6)
Tasneem G. (Grade 6) Math
McCoy H. (Grade 8) Math
Andrew K. (Grade 7) Math

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