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A Memorable Journey: Grade 4 Field Trip to the US Capitol


A Memorable Journey: Grade 4 Field Trip to the US Capitol

On a day marked with once-in-a-lifetime experiences (the eclipse!), Grade 4 students added an additional landmark event: a morning field trip to the US Capitol. An excursion like this one marks a significant milestone in a student’s education. It allows young minds to witness democracy in action, walk in the footsteps of our country's leaders, and forge memorable connections to their classroom learning. 

Upon arrival, our Wolfhound students participated in a guided tour through the Capitol’s corridors, where history comes alive in the form of ornate chambers, majestic halls, and revered monuments. Students even had the chance to view the most recent artistic addition to the building: a sculpture of Amelia Earhart. A highlight was undoubtedly the towering Statue of Freedom, gazing up at the stunning Rotunda and marveling at the intricate architecture surrounding them.

For these Grade 4 students, the trip to the US Capitol wasn't just a morning outside the school building—it was a journey into the heart of democracy. It was a chance to witness history in the making and be reminded of the power of civic engagement. As they returned home, their heads may have been full with facts and figures, but their hearts were brimming with something far more profound: a sense of pride, purpose, and possibility.

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