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End-of-Year Celebrations Bring Wolfhound Spirit and Refreshed Traditions


End-of-Year Celebrations Bring Wolfhound Spirit and Refreshed Traditions

As the school year neared its conclusion, the Day School had a plethora of events and activities on campus, such as Field Day, the Middle School Leadership Legacy Ceremony, the Middle School Performing & Studio Arts Night, and Graduation. 

Our annual Field Day, hosted on the Foxhall Campus, breeds excitement and school spirit from our youngest to our most senior Wolfhounds. Organized and led by the Department of Physical Education and Athletics, Field Day was an exciting and action-packed event that brought together students, teachers, and staff for a day of outdoor fun and physical activity. The event featured a variety of games, sports, team-building activities, and, this year, bounce houses, ensuring there was something for everyone to enjoy. 

The event created lasting memories for everyone involved and highlighted the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and having fun. The success of Field Day was made possible by the dedicated efforts of the faculty and staff, who helped run the events, ensuring everything went smoothly. Ultimately, the Green Team prevailed this year. We’re already looking forward to next year’s Field Day! 

The Middle School was quite busy with end-of-year events, with Grade 8 at the center of the celebrations. At the Leadership Legacy Ceremony, Grades 7 and 8 students refreshed the tradition of Grade 7 students moving into leadership at the Day School. The Leadership Legacy Ceremony allowed Grade 8 students to share speeches of well-wishes and advice with their peers, and they lit candles to pass on their legacy as the most senior Wolfhounds on campus. The year ended with the Graduation of the Class of 2024, attended by family, faculty and staff, friends, and The Right Reverend Mariann Edgar Budde, Bishop of Washington!

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