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Grade 3 Students Impress at States Inquiry Presentation


Grade 3 Students Impress at States Inquiry Presentation

The Grade 3 States Inquiry Presentation on November 17 was a smashing success. Built around the U-CREATE skills and competencies (Understanding of Self, Collaboration, Resilience, Engagement, Agency, Trust, and Empathy), this foundational Grade 3 unit supports students’ learning in a variety of ways.  

After spending several weeks developing questions, researching topics, and creating projects connected to a state, students chose different ways to present their research, including an artifact, poster, or Canva presentation. Students built agency as they developed these individual projects, sparked curiosity in themselves and others by sharing their findings in social studies lessons and library classes, and built resilience by taking risks to learn something new. 

Furthermore, many students were able to harness their empathy and agency to think about ways to problem-solve around a particular issue in their state. The States Inquiry Presentation before Thanksgiving showcased the interdisciplinary nature of this project, incorporating elements of music, dance, art, design, library research, and social studies skills. 

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