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Our School Testimonials

"St. Patrick's faculty and staff have done an amazing job in supporting our children during these unusual times."


- Current Parent

Hear from our School Parents

"We are overall very impressed with the school’s response to the global pandemic. The comprehensive and creative materials and technology provided to students without additional cost to us, the highly engaged teachers, the amount of emotional and spiritual resources are so much appreciated. We feel very fortunate that our children’s education has not suffered during these unprecedented times and that the teachers and school have worked so hard on behalf of our children’s academic and social-emotional well-being. We are very grateful to Peter, the administration, and all of St. Patrick’s!"

- Current Parent

"Despite the many challenges brought on by COVID-19, St. Patrick's has managed to create an educational environment that builds community, challenges its students, and provides them with the support they need to meet those challenges. What a testament to their culture, leadership, and faculty and staff."

- Current Parent

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Parent 2
We feel blessed to be part of this community of caring parents and faculty and staff, all of whom have both feet on the ground and see the potential in each child. Our daughter has been blossoming since she started at St. Patrick's and looks forward to school every day! She has become a stronger learner, a better friend, and she found her artistic voice as well. Among the five schools she has gone to at her young age, this one is by far the best fit.
Parent 1
There have been so many St. Patrick’s moments over the last three years! The one that stands out is when my son was "Head of School for the Day" with Head of School Peter A. Barrett. Mr. Barrett ensured that my son had a day never to be forgotten—spending the entire school day together and even honoring our son’s ad hoc requests for a one-on-one meeting! He was overjoyed. There have been many moments when we've thanked our lucky stars that our son is a Wolfhound!
Parent 3

I've had so many fantastic St. Patrick's moments but a favorite one was when I was at school one fall morning during our first year, when one of our kids was in PK, and I looked out the window to see her running across the Nursery School Playground laughing with a group of friends. She looked so happy and carefree! She is my first child and shy and reserved, so I was always second guessing myself as a parent, constantly analyzing each decision I made for her. . . but I clearly remember in that moment feeling so confident that this was one decision that I knew I got right! Seeing that joy in my child, her comfort, and happiness at this school. . . I just knew. And we both still feel that way. I feel it as I see her happiness, her confidence, and her growth each year.

Parent 4

Our son’s excitement at the start of each school year reminds us why we chose St. Patrick’s more than six years ago. The early years of play-based learning allowed him to enjoy the wonders of childhood exploration, cultivated his curiosity about the world around him, and taught him the importance of establishing friendships and being part of a community. The faculty and staff at St. Patrick’s consistently create an environment that promotes a love for learning. Our son is now a thriving Grade 3 student who enjoys telling us about his day—a character he read about in a book, a state he is studying, or a challenging math problem.

Parent 5

I remember the first time I set foot in to St. Patrick’s with my daughter.  We had toured a couple other schools and were pleased with them and being first-born in the family, I was extremely cautious with any school we toured because this would be the place she would spend the most time outside of her home for many years to come so it had to be just right. 

So we went in for her visit and it’s so hard to describe the feeling in words but it was simply magical!  I felt an overwhelming rush of “this is it - this is THE school” and I could envision her there through Grade 8. The warmth of every person we came in contact with inside the walls of St. Patrick’s  from Mr. Barrett to Mr. Giguere to her would-be teachers Mrs. Gunja and Ms. Pereira - to the flow of the school and the vibe of the classrooms being so inviting while set up for greatness - to the messages of love and openness St. Patrick’s exudes along with a top-notch quality education focused on academics - the thing that sealed the deal was the fact that St. Patrick’s believes your child’s schools should be focused not only on academics but also in creating a community of empathetic, open-minded, caring, loving, and good children because we want to create a class of children who give back to their community and have friends and support during their journey of learning and excelling.

I knew St. Patrick’s would give my daughter the full package of what she will need through the rest of her life, because any child can learn academics but becoming a successful individual in life means you need to be well-rounded.  It takes a very special school like St. Patrick’s to embrace and show students how to become the best they can be and bring goodness, kindness, love, faith, philanthropic, and academic skill sets into society. I consider St. Patrick’s part of our family and am so grateful for the years we’ve had and the years to come.

Parent 6

What impressed me the most was the balanced attention given to the progression of challenging academics, the exposure to the arts, and the opportunities for character building.

Parent 9

The strength of a St. Patrick’s Nursery - Grade 8 education is much bigger than high school placement statistics and test scores. The very strong foundation that the overall experience provides for our teenagers as they are launched into high school that really sets the St. Patrick’s education apart from others. They graduate as confident, kind, brave students ready to take on all of the challenges academic, social, and other—that they will face in high school. The opportunity to make a change and experience and conquer those challenges has been an instrumental part of our daughters’ education and we are grateful for that process. We owe a great deal of thanks to the tremendous faculty and staff at St. Patrick’s who have taken such good care of our whole family.

Parent 10

St. Patrick’s stretched our son’s curiosity, helped build his confidence, and challenged him academically. Thank you, St. Patrick's!