New Spaces at St. Patrick's

St. Patrick's broke ground in 2018 on a project and redeveloped our outdoor spaces on the Whitehaven Campus. 

  • Primary Grades Playground: Redeveloped this wonderful area to provide a variety of inviting, engaging, and creative play spaces for our youngest children.
  • Kindergarten Playground: Added a treehouse tower and canopy walk as new focal points for play in this delightful space located just outside our Kindergarten doors.
  • Sports Deck: Built an exterior mezzanine adjacent to the Gymnasium & Performance Center to create an elusive flat surface for sports and games

These new and revitalized spaces dramatically expand the outdoor play and learning opportunities for all of our students. The creative, healthy, and vigorous play these spaces invite encourage the development of the whole child, reinforcing and broadening possibilities in the science, environmental, and social-emotional realms.

In 2019, St. Patrick's created a Garden & Outdoor Learning Space on the Foxhall Campus.

  • Garden & Outdoor Learning Space: The 3,750-square-foot garden space has nine beds and room for outdoor classrooms. The garden provides students the opportunity to use tools, learn about our food system, and watch plants grow throughout the year. St. Patrick’s faculty embed this garden space into the educational program to ensure that each student will have the opportunity to experience this dynamic addition to our curriculum. In addition to the garden, the Foxhall Campus has three archeological pits that support the Grade 5 Archeological Dig, a culmination of a year-long study of ancient civilizations.

Playground, Sports Deck, and Garden & Outdoor Learning Space Images