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Special Consideration Applicants


Founded as a church school, St. Patrick’s retains an extraordinary commitment to families within our parish and school community. That commitment finds expression in our strong endorsement of special consideration for qualified applicants to Nursery and PK who are:

  • Children of active members of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church
  • Children and siblings of St. Patrick’s alumni who graduated from Grade 6 or Grade 8
  • Children of St. Patrick’s faculty and staff
  • Siblings of students currently enrolled at St. Patrick’s
  • Children who are enrolled in St. Patrick's Infant-Toddler Center

Class Balance & EDI

Within the context of our policy of special consideration, however, the Office of Enrollment Management strives to construct classes that are balanced in terms of age, gender, racial and cultural background, socioeconomic status, and other important factors that maintain the integrity of our educational program. Furthermore, St. Patrick’s fulfills its institutional goals of diversity and inclusion through the active recruitment of families new to our community.

Therefore, if—and only if—the Office of Enrollment Management finds that there is a material conflict between acceptance of all qualified special consideration candidates and achieving balanced classes and an inclusive school, some qualified candidates in the special consideration categories may not be offered spaces in a given admission season.

The Office of Enrollment Management works closely with parents, providing the fullest available information and earliest possible notification for such candidates in each admission year.