The Day School relies on hundreds of dedicated volunteers who support the work of St. Patrick’s faculty and staff on a daily basis. Whether it is helping students publish books in the Lower School Publishing Center, making sandwiches and soup with a class for Grate Patrol, or working on an Auction committee, opportunities to be a part of the St. Patrick’s school life are abundant.

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Volunteer Opportunities

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Inside the Experience

I started volunteering even before my older children went to the big library. The library has always been a place that is welcoming and comfortable for St. Patrick's students. Watching the students, and my own children, move from the easy picture books through the weighty research tomes, retaining their love of books and the library, is a joy. It offers all students, big and small, an opportunity to explore. The volunteer work is fulfilling because the volunteers are necessary to make the library work. If the books are not on the shelves, they are of no use. I now am able to watch my youngest child and her friends begin their exploration of the library and see their excited faces when they enter through the doors. Alison Barr, 4A