Middle School Programs

Summer Brochure Middle School 2013

Join us, aspiring counselors, leaders, and athletic all-stars, for a summer of adventure and team-building. From our Basketball program to our Counselor-in-Training program, students in our Middle School Program have a wide range of explorations to choose from. Students in the Middle School Program will develop skills in leadership, problem-solving, athletic endurance, and curriculum-building. In addition to our athletic and leadership opportunities, we are also introducing a new program, Campus Martius, for students in Grades 5-8. Campus Martius will explore the worlds of ancient Greek and Roman cultures with adventures in leather-working, stone-casting and more. Check out our 2015 Summer Camp Brochure to find out more about our Middle School Programs.

Camp Office Contact Information

Dr. Rhia Hamilton

Director of Auxiliary Programs

Holli Kitching

Summer Program Director
Email: kitchingh@stpatsdc.org 

Summer at St. Patrick’s Camp Office

Email: SummerProgram@stpatsdc.org