Chapel is an important part of our shared life at St. Patrick's Episcopal Day School. We value gathering together as a community and reflecting on what it means to be children of God, to develop our character, and to live out our individual faith traditions through service to others.


Organized by grade levels, there are three services a week, one each for Lower School and Upper School (all meeting in the Nave of St. Patrick's Church) and one for Nursery School students held in the more intimate surroundings of the Nursery Library. Occasionally throughout the year, All-School Chapels (comprising Kindergarten through Grade 8) are held to celebrate holidays and important dates in the church and school calendar.

During school chapels, we gather to sing, pray, read scripture from multiple traditions and listen to homilies delivered by our chaplain and other members of the school community. We gather together to support one another, to strengthen our community, and to learn about and reflect on how we can become more and more the people God calls us to be through service to others. We pray for our own needs and those of others, grieve and mourn losses, and celebrate blessings and individual birthdays. Students and faculty alike attend chapel. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to attend.

A chapel theme is chosen each year and the community will collectively reflect on the selected topic,seeking to integrate the theme--when possible-- in the wider life of the school.  From week to week, the nature of sermons and stories change, ranging from topics such as sharing and friendship to playing fair and putting others first. Puppets or skits may tell a story for younger children, while real-life experiences and the lessons of contemporary and historical figures are used to engage older students. Above all, each chapel strives to remind our students and community that we are beloved children of God no matter what, and we bring God's love into the world through compassion and service to others.

Pastoral Care

We would love to hear and receive any prayers you have.  All prayer requests can be sent confidentially to  If you have pastoral concerns or emergencies, feel free to contact Rev. Katie Solter directly at 202-342-2818 or through email at

Chapel Schedule


Lower School (K-3) in the Nave - 8:30 am - 9:00 am


Upper School (4-8) in the Nave - 8:10 - 8:40 am

Nursery (N, PK) in the Nursery Library - 8:30 - 9:00 am