The goal of the technology program at St. Patrick’s is to enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum. The computers in our Publishing Center, writing areas, classrooms, and libraries are used as tools for research, word processing, and publishing. They enable students to present our ideas more effectively.


The Technology Lab

The Technology Lab provides opportunities for students to work on projects using computers for research, writing, and editing. Keyboarding instruction begins in Grade 3. Online math games enhance the mathematics curriculum in Grades 2 and 3.

Technology by Grade

Nursery–Grade 1

Children dictate stories to teachers, who type them into their laptops to be printed and bound. Children also produce their own books in the Publishing Center.

Grade 2

Students use digital tools and media-rich resources to express original ideas and illustrate stories. Students also participate in the online computer game First in Math to help solidify math facts and build numerical fluency.

Grade 3

Formal keyboarding instruction begins in the Technology Lab. Students use online research tools to find and evaluate information, computers to create works of art, and a range of software to collect, organize, and analyze data. As in Grade 2, Grade 3 students participate in the online game First in Math.

Grade 4

Students have two trimesters of formal computer classes, during which they continue to practice keyboarding and incorporate the latest software into academic projects – from creating spreadsheets and charts for math and science classes to adding graphics and sound to a social studies presentation.

Grades 5 & 6

Students have access to laptops, and technology is incorporated into the classroom curriculum.

Grades 7 & 8

Each student is issued a laptop to use at school. Students attend technology class once a week, strengthening their skills in computer applications. Students also learn about the ethical and social use of technology and the importance of digital citizenship.

Specific Examples of Technology in the Classroom

From her history classroom, an Upper School student might access the wireless network on a laptop computer to consult an on-line data source. In Grade 2, the first year of formal computer instruction, a student begins exploring a “tool kit” of applications that initially includes graphing, drawing and painting, and textual organizing programs and later grows to include Microsoft Office. Students in the Lower School also learn the power of technology when their hand-written pieces are transformed into published books within the parent-led Publishing Center.

In a Grade 4 science class, a student might use PowerPoint and an LCD projector to present to a class his research on a deep-sea creature. A Grade 5 student might choose to revise an essay on a laptop or on a desktop computer right outside his language arts classroom, while Grades 7 and 8 students work on laptops issued by the school for their use at school throughout the year.

John Faig
Director of Technology

Jonathan Fichter
Academic Technology Coordinator