The libraries at St. Patrick’s embody the value we place on engaging with text and story. St. Patrick’s two campuses feature three libraries, one each for Nursery School, Kindergarten through Grade 6, and Grades 7 and 8. The Elementary School Library, with its spacious interior and natural light, is a favorite spot for St. Patrick’s students. Completed in 2001, it holds more than 25,000 volumes and offers a variety of subscription Internet resources. Also available are comfortable reading chairs and a tiered reading circle where younger students gather for story time.


The Elementary School Library is a light-filled space with a cantilevered ceiling intentionally designed to rhyme visually with the ceiling in the Chapel. The shelves hold books from across genres. The librarians help each child to stretch his or her reading, to expand tastes, and to uncover new passions. They are masters at referring our younger students to age-appropriate texts and our older students to the tools they need to conduct in-depth research for reports and projects.

In addition to the Elementary School Library, St. Patrick's youngest students in Nursery School have their own library with a tremendous selection of picture books.  The MacArthur Campus also has its own library.

In the Elementary School Library there is a special section for parents and teachers. Parents may register to check out books themselves. Just ask us!

The libraries – not unlike the science labs – are places for exploration and discovery. They inspire a love and joy in reading – perhaps the greatest gift we can give. And giving is also a part of the reading experience, as many books have a bookplate with the name of a donor.


Library Catalog

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St. Patrick's Library Catalog


Volunteers are the backbone of the St. Patrick's library. Participation in the library volunteer program usually involves committing two hours every other week. Responsibilities include helping students with the check-out process at the circulation desk as well as checking in and shelving returned books. In addition, volunteers assist with processing new books, mending and discarding books. Learn more about volunteering.

How to Raise a Reader

The little essays in this book have much to say about encouraging a love of reading and even more to say about being a parent. There are lots of practical tips and all the inspiration needed to act on them.

Raising a Reader, Jennie Nash