Our Core Philosophy

Exceptional Literacy

At the core of everything we do, Exceptional Literacy is the intention and the destination of the educational journey at St. Patrick’s. It is more than the ability to read and write, more than the ability to do these things well. We produce students who can comprehend, interpret, analyze, respond to, and interact with a variety of texts. And our definition of “text” is very broad. It covers literature and extends to historical documents, scientific reports, and mathematical equations – even works of art, acts of worship, and gestures of outreach. A comprehensive approach to education, Exceptional Literacy prepares each student to understand and communicate effectively with others, to seek new knowledge, and to fulfill a greater sense of personal responsibility.

Ways of Knowing

We expose young people to various ways of knowing – through language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, the arts, athletics, religion, and technology. We see disciplines as lenses into the world and lenses into oneself. The pages in this section outline how we incorporate our philosophy into our teaching of these subjects – fluidly in Nursery and PK , and in a more structured way, in Kindergarten through Grade 3  and Grades 4 through 8.


Teaching the Whole Child

Our well-rounded program focuses on all aspects of growth: Intellectual, academic, social and emotional, moral and spiritual, and physical. Academics is the most important piece of what we do. Children spend the greater part of the school day in our classrooms, labs, and libraries. They also learn in the art studios, in the gym, on the playground, and on the playing field. We recognize the importance of play to social and emotional development and encourage children to build the healthy habits that lead to active, thoughtful lives. We also recognize the importance of the Episcopal tradition in laying a moral foundation, building character, and promoting tolerance and understanding of people of all faiths. Our faith tradition is at the root of our commitment to engaging children in service activities at a very young age.

Useful Documents

View the St. Patrick's Curriculum Guide 2015-2016 online here.

Or download the Curriculum Guide as a PDF